Scenic Flight Plans in Trentino

MS FS2k2 flyers: I know you'll get your way back home BUT, if this is your first time flying in Trentino, this page could be somehow useful and inspiring. I won't force anybody to follow my suggestions: the most beautiful part of VFR flights is to feel FREE to discover whatever you like wherever you are in the air.

In the map below you can see three possible routes to be followed with your plane. The routes, labeled as A, B, C will take variable times of flight depending on winds, weather conditions, what aircraft you use. Indicatively, you should be able to complete the route A within 15-20' flying with the Cessna. Routes B and C require a larger gain in altitude and they are anyhow longer trips. Get ready to spend no less than one whole hour of flight for each of such suggested plans.

In this map you can also see red numbers, 1-16. These correspond to especially meaningful, scenic points (for both flyers and ground-based tourism!). You can access 3D maps for these points in the list below.

For a comprehensive tour (history, geography, tourism, art and much more) click HERE

Scenic Points

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