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This scenery is perfectly compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 AND 2004!
There is NO NEW VERSION for FS2004, it is the same scenery AND the same package.
For FS2004 use please download THIS FILE

Fly over demanding routes, narrow valleys, high peaks
up to 3,500 meters, landscapes smoothly changing in shapes and colors,
rivers, and many lakes!

Trento can be considered as the capital of the Dolomiti mountains (look here for a nice tourist and artistic guide), one of the most famous and beautiful groups of the whole Alps and the world.

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This region is located in the North-East side of Italy, about 120 km West of Venice, and 180 km East of Milan, divided by the Adige river which runs North-South close to the Garda lake. It takes about 10’ with the Cessna to fly over the sadly well-known ski area of Cavalese (where the Cermis cabin-lift was destroyed by the Prawler tactical fighter). There is only one airport (regional) in this scenery, (Mattarello airport, LIDT, about 46N 11E).

Click the Touristic Flight Plans section  for a series of  flight plans in Trentino fully illustrated with 3D maps of the most relevant landscapes.

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Scenery technical specifications

This scenery covers quite an extended area (about 5,000 km2) centered around the city of Trento. The scenery is based on high resolution photos taken at 11,000 m. Each photo (a total of 160 have been used!), with an original size of 80 MB, has been downsampled (4.8 m/pix, corresponding to the LOD13 directive) and rendered in summer colours. The digital terrain model (elevation) has been adapted from DTM data with the final resolution of 19.8 m grid (LOD11 directive). Photorealistic buildings have been modeled in GMAXTM from actual photographs and inspections at the airport of Trento, Mattarello, LIDT. A special version of an high definition geographical map has been especially designed and digitized (courtesy of KeyMapsTM, Trento, Italy). The airport in this scenery is assisted with tower/ground services and the runway and taxiway are illuminated during night time, even if this does not happen in reality.

This Scenery has been developed, tested and made available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002TM and 2004TM
Please read carefully any support problem, question and answer before continuing

Please note that there is NOT a downloadable version of this package. Only the CD-ROM version

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